Create A Video Album of
Your Family Growing Up

Pick your favorite photos and slides, the ones that represent all those important moments in your life, like babies first steps, weddings, sports, and vacations, all those unforgettable memories. Take the time to find and organize those precious photos and slides and soon youíll be watching them on your TV in the privacy of your own home. Watch your family grow up all over again, right before your eyes. Relive those memories over and over. We can transfer virtually any photo or slide, although we cannot do stereo slides. We will leave each photo or slide on the screen for approximately 4 - 8 seconds. If you want a particular photo or slide left on the screen for a longer time, just attach a note so we will know. If you have photos or slides that are out of focus, faded, dark or creased, we will use computer enhancements to achieve best results . You have made the right decision to have your photo or slides transferred to video. Once on video, you can watch them anytime and have copies made to share with your family and friends. Videos make wonderful gifts for Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays. Donít wait, give us a call today .

Video Transfer Instructions


You may ask - is it worth all of the time and effort to have my photographs or slides transferred to video? Yes, it is. It is actually very easy. All you have to do is organize your photos or slides in the order that you want them on your video. The next step is to number them on the back in order. Use a ball point pen but donít press to hard. DO NOT USE A FELT TIP PEN, They will bleed onto other photos when stacked together, ruining your cherished photos. If you want to put titles to separate different segments, just put the title on an Post-It Note and place on back of picture. Number your titles just as if they are a photo. Each title counts as a photo. Please print clearly and double check your spelling. We cannot be responsible for misspelled names if we canít read it or you have misspelled it. If you want background music you can pick out your own or we can supply it for you. If you choose your music you must furnish the music on a CD or Cassette Tape. Remember your music will only sound as good as the original. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call

The chart below will help you determine the length of your video. Remember, the chart is based on each photo or slide being on the screen for approximately 8 seconds. Final length may vary a few minutes either way.

Number of Photos or Slides Approximate Length of Time
100 12 minutes
250 30 minutes
500 60 minutes
1000 120 minutes

Once you know the approximate length of your video you can choose your music. Time your songs to be somewhere around the same length. You want your music to flow with your video and not get too chopped up. This will take away from your video. The music makes it much more enjoyable to watch.


Slides or photos

$ 2.00 each

Music No Charge
Titles $ 1.00  each
Duplicate copies $ 15.00 each

Minimum charge of $50.00


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